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The Microcosm Economy of a Trump Rally

As Trump heads out of primary season and into the presumptive nominee full force, the now popularized “Trump Rally” has become more than a political “get out the vote” operation and something more akin to a sprawling music festival or camp retreat.

Not only do die hard fans travel from rally to rally just like Grateful Dead-heads did in the 70s and 80s— or Phish fans do in present day—but a whole microcosm of Trump accoutrements has cropped up outside the events as well.

From Trump Monster Trucks and and RVs, to original songs being blasted from PA speakers, to the ever changing creative consumer goods being sold in Trump’s honor, a rally is really an awe inspiring experience. On a recent trip to a rally I saw not only bobble heads, silver coins, and wigs fashioned to enthusiastically advertise “45,” but also even mugs with Trump’s mugshot plastered above the phrase “never surrender.”

If you haven’t been to a rally yourself, it’s truly a site to behold. The atmosphere is electric. The environment friendly and enthusiastic. And the culture is so singular and always evolving that no one rally is ever quite the same.

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May 30

4 more years of biden and we will all be shitting in a hole.

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