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Spray-triotism - The Homemade Tagging of Political Endorsement

On a recent trip out in to the rural Northeast, I started thinking about a trend I’ve seen ever since Trump first exploded onto the scene in 2016: homemade signs, bales of hay, painted barns, discarded 18 wheelers and any and every kind of surface being repurposed to proclaim support for Trump and the policies that he aligns with.

The one thing I did not - and have not - seen is any of the same kind of grassroots, DIY enthusiasm for Biden or any down ballot Democrats. Pretty much anywhere. Ever.

So, I decided to just catalogue what I’m deeming as “Spray-triotism” on just one recent weekend trip on nearby backroads and rural enclaves.

Throughout, there were tons of homemade signs for Trump, of course, but also of political causes like “All Lives Matter.”

I also happened to catch one “Real Men Wear Diapers” endorsement between the mostly more traditional “Trump 2024” tags.

Do you have any good examples of Spray-triotism in your hometown? Send over some photos and I’ll compile the best ones.


Jun 27

I guess this encapsulates what it means to be a leftist. Anonymous comments from an anonymous person. This explains perfectly why they are so angry, they exist in and feel anonymous and an unknown who’s only voice is one of hate and fear simply externalizing their own self hatred and loathing.


Jun 26

Just proves the cult members are running out of money to buy Trump paraphernalia. He may have to start paying his own legal bills.

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